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Please find below a selection of Claire's radio work. Simply click on the item to listen.


Are you joking?

Smelly Boys

Jane Austen's Ring

I am a Grave Digger

McDonalds refuse a Horse

BOSCOMBE No Shorts! July 2013

Flights Gripes

America is Bonkers . . .

We are finally team BLUE

Carlos Tevez is a wrong 'un! April 2013

Bloody Flapjack! Health and Safety Rubbish March 2013

Hot Radio: Horse Balls . . . Get a Grip!

Hot Radio: Get Lost!

Hot Radio Sunday Breakfast: Chicken Fillet Breast Implants January 2013

Hot Radio: Is Barry Island Lush? March 2013

Insurance Companies DRIVE me mad! ;-)  November 2012

Bad Tattoo's and dodgy kids' names rant: October 2012

Everyone called Vicky is pregnant: August 2012

My sister is mad and is addicted to shoes: July 2012